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Is there a minimum height for skating?

  • Children 100cm above and below 120cm must be accompanied by an adult
  • Children 120cm and above are allowed to skate alone.
  • For Safety reasons Children Below 100cm are not allowed for Ice Skating.

Do you have any skating aids available?
Yes, we have three different types of skating aids that can be hired for your skating session duration. You can choose from either a seal, penguin, or snowman. Our friendly team of ice marshals can help you find the right type of skating aid for your height. Skating aids are available for both adults and children.

Are ice skates provided?
Yes, as part of your admission fee, skates and socks are included. Our more confident skaters can opt to hire our premium VIP hockey or figure skates for an additional charge – or simply bring your own.

• Do you have lockers?
Yes, we have lockers available where you may keep your personal belongings. We advise taking as little as possible on the ice, especially mobile phones and other pocket-sized items.

• Do I have to pay to be a spectator?
We offer x1 complimentary spectator per group. If you have anyone else in your party who wishes to watch, you will need to purchase a spectator ticket for AED10pp.

• What if I can’t make my session or lesson time?
As per our terms and conditions, tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. We will always try our best to accommodate for exceptional circumstances, but for the avoidance of doubt, please ensure you can commit to that time and date before booking your ticket.

• Is the ice real?
Yes. Here at Dubai Ice Rink, we work hard to provide premium quality ice that is cared for and resurfaced using high-tech Zamboni and osmosis equipment regularly throughout the day to ensure you get a sleek and smooth on-ice experience.

• Do you provide skate and blade sharpening?
Yes, we do! Our friendly maintenance team will happily sharpen blades on a walk-in basis, starting at AED40 per pair of skates.

• Do you offer any skating or learning programs?
Yes, we have many courses and coaching lessons available to suit all skill levels and needs. Please click here for further information regarding our coach bookings 

• Do you offer group discounts?
Yes, you will receive 20% off for group bookings of 25 persons or more. If you are looking at hosting a large group, corporate, or school booking, please contact:, and our team can further assist you.

• Where is the rink located?
We are in Dubai Mall on the ground floor – in between the waterfall atrium and souk. If you arrive via your private vehicle, please follow the signs to Cinema Parking, level P3.

• Will you have skates available that can accommodate my shoe size?
We have a large stock of skates that range from EU25 through to EU52.

• How do I book my tickets?
You can book your tickets online here 

• Is there a dress code?
We recommend dressing for winter and ensuring arms and legs are covered by avoiding small T-shirts and shorts. The ice averages -5 degrees Celsius and can get too chilly. Due to health and safety and the nature of ice skating being an extreme sport, long dresses, national dress, or any trailing clothing is not allowed. You may wear hats, gloves, and scarves. However, we also have cozy gloves available to purchase for AED10pp.

• Is it safe for children to skate by themselves?
An adult must accompany children under 120 cm at all times. Children over 120cm can skate completely alone. he use of helmet, safety gear, and skating aids is recommended for their safety.

• Is first aid available?
Due to the nature of ice skating being an extreme, high-impact sport, slips and falls may likely happen – therefore, we have a highly skilled and welcoming team of medics and a private first aid room to attend to all your medical needs.

• How long am I able to skate?
Each session entitles each skater to a full 90 minutes of skating. All our daily session and skate timings are available here

• What is the difference between your different types of skating sessions?
We have different type of skating sessions: Public, Snowfall, and DJ. Our Disco night session is our most popular, as it includes a real snowfall and disco experience, along with live music from our talented DJs. Our public sessions are a skate-for-all zone; however, they do not include any music or snowfall.



Before going on the ice

  • Choose a session appropriate to your ability.
  • Do not skate if you are pregnant.
  • Do not carry young children or babies in your arms while on the ice.
  • We advise you to wear gloves and wrap up warm but do not wear scarves, long coats, or trailing items/clothing on the ice.
  • Do not skate while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Do not use mobile phones or personal stereos on the ice. Either leave them at home, with a spectator, or in a locker provided by the venue.
  • Selfie sticks and extendable cameras are always strictly prohibited.
  • Do not consume food or drink while on the ice, chew gum, or drop litter.
  • Do not carry or wear bags on the ice as this may affect your balance. Fanny packs and bum bags are recommended, should you need to take personal items on the ice with you. 
  • Remove any sharp objects from your pockets.
  • Ensure your skates are fastened correctly – our friendly marshals can assist if you are unsure.
  • Please be advised that Strobe Lights are sometimes used during our Disco night session. Skaters who are uncomfortable with such lighting effects should take heed accordingly.


On the Ice

  • Always enter and leave the rink via the gate. We operate a one-way entry and exit system.
  • Skate in an anti-clockwise direction and follow the instruction from all ice marshals.
  • Do not skate at excessive speeds. Horseplay is not permitted. Ice marshals and Dubai Ice Rink reserve the right to dismiss anyone off the ice for improper behavior or is posing a safety rink without any prior warning, and tickets will not be refunded in this instance. 
  • If you do slip and fall over, try and protect your head. We always recommend hiring one of our helmets.
  • Please follow the instructions of the marshals and referees who are here to ensure your safety
  • When the machine is cleaning the ice, keep off the ice and behind the barriers
  • Do not sit or climb on the barriers.
  • Do not throw or spray the ice.
  • Do not dig holes in the ice.
  • No jumping, pushing, or horseplay.
  • No tag games or whip-changes.
  • Please be considerate to less able skaters.

Anyone failing to follow these guidelines may be removed from the ice and/or Dubai Ice Rink premises. We thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.

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