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Ice skating is an incredibly exhilarating hobby and sport, but we understand it can be a little daunting if you are a first timer or have little to no skating experience. Allow us to assist you, by booking a lesson with our team of friendly and highly experienced coaches. Our coaching team offers guidance, expert advice and will provide the essential skills needed to become a skating pro. Whether you want to master the basics of gliding or are working towards an upcoming figure skating competition; allow our team of experts to help you. Our coaching team is made up of 8 different countries, speaks 4 different languages and has combined skating experience and knowledge of over 30 years. Whether you are a tot or freestyler; allow our team to give the FUN-damental experience to becoming a skating star.

Our coaching fees start from AED190 and include free public skating too. To book a coach and check availability, contact:


Meet the team:



  • Coach Mei has been an active member of the Ice Skating Institute – Asia for more than 20 years.
  • She creates show content and choreography for her students joining figure skating competitions and ice skating shows.
  • Mei has been coaching in the UAE since 2009 and at Dubai Ice Rink since 2013.
  • Mei is an accredited coach of ISI – ASIA, with judge certification in Bronze and Silver levels.




  • Babji has a fun approach to skating and teaching and can teach basic skating to get those newbies comfortable on the ice and perfect those who want to learn ice hockey.
  • Babji has been skating for many years and is an excellent fit for those adult skaters who are new to the ice and want the reassurance and comfort of a fun-loving and friendly coach who won’t judge.
  • Babji is a firm believer that you can learn to skate tomorrow, regardless of age or abilities.




  • Kevin has been skating for over a decade now and pursued his dream of being a figure skater in 2012, taking up ice hockey as a hobby and pastime. 
  • Kevin specializes in making his lesson fun and interactive for younger skaters, where he likes to teach through play rather than technique for beginners and skaters new to the ice. 
  • Kevin’s favourite manoeuver is a hockey stop. 


  • Coach Ajit has been skating since 1993 and has begun to teach since 1994. Ice skating has been his favorite hobby and he says it is the best form of exercise for him.
  • A fun loving and adventurous guy, Coach Ajit brings a very dynamic flavor to his teaching style and strives to make learning on the ice exciting and fun.
  • In addition to basic ice skating, Coach Ajit also specializes teaching in our Snowbabies program.



  • Abdul has a fun approach to skating and can teach basic skating to get those newbies comfortable on the ice.
  • Abdul’s coaching approach is fun, dynamic, and easy-going
  • Abdul is excellent in giving you the basic skills and knowledge to set you off on your skating session – from understanding how to bend your knees, hold your balance and be confident enough to move toward the centre of the rink.


  • Dennis has outside the box and fun approach in teaching skating and can teach from Basic level BTOT till Freestyle 4.
  • He creates show content and Choreography for his students to participate in show, events and competitions.
  • Dennis has been coaching in the UAE since 2016.
  • He is excellent in giving you basic Skills and knowledge at the same time, pro in teaching freestyle techniques and jumps.


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